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Where did Ross H. Martin come up with In Your Head Prods.?

In Your Head Productions was born out of the 'undead.' In 1994, Ross H. Martin portrayed the film director in a short film music video he was directing as a student at Columbia College-Hollywood film school.  In the video, the actors playing bandmates transform into zombies. 

When a team of special effects make-up artists were transforming the actors into monsters, a newly released song by The Cranberries came on the radio, "Zombie." Delores O'Riordan's singing and shouting 'In your head' resonated with Ross. 

Ross's film experience involves various creative roles as director, video editor and screenwriter. Writing has always been his first passion. 

Ross loves movies, music and technology. He's passionate about social issues such as human rights and the environment. Ross has volunteered for presidential campaigns and marched in various demonstrations. 

Ross writes content for film and entertainment companies with his 28 years of industry experience.  Ross will help your business grow through:

  • Creativity 

  • Knowledge of Film (Projects in 35mm, 16mm, High Definition)

  • Experience as Film Director, Video Editor, Screenwriter, Film Festival Founder

  • Experience Reviewing Concerts for Vegas Seven Magazine 

  • Persuasive Writing 

  • Copywriting Training with AWAI

The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting course covers the core persuasive writing skills to apply to any project. By clicking on the icon to the left you will go to the AWAI site where Ross's participation is verified. 


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