Crosby and Nash

The duo kept their sense of humor too. When one of the techs entered the stage to make an adjustment, Crosby joked that he’d better get it right or he’ll have to ‘go back to Neil’ (Young). After a fan shouted a request for “Almost Cut My Hair,” Crosby joked about the bald fan not having hair. Nash told the story of how a friend inspired him to write a song in twenty minutes before he left. “Just a Song Before I Go” is about leaving loved ones behind before going back on tour.

The supportive musicians were excellent. James Raymond, the keyboardist, played in rock and R & B bands in his teens before discovering his birth father, David Crosby, in the mid-90’s. Not only have father and son reunited, they’re now playing and touring together. “Don’t Dig Here,” written by Raymond, is about keeping nuclear waste out of the Yucca Mountain in Nevada. No nukes!

Crosby and Nash made everyone feel at home with classics; “Teach Your Children,” “Wooden Ships,” “Our House” and The Byrds “Eight Mile High.

For article in Vegas Seven Magazine click here.

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