Motley Crue…Still Kickin’ Ass!

Even without the circus of sexy dancers, dangling half-naked from the ceiling of The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel that Wednesday, February 15th, the clowns on stilts and fake-Motley Crue little people running around, the band itself put on an awesome performance. My concern was that Neil wouldn’t sound the same. Neil may have been a little out of breath at times, but his vocal chords were pounding out the high notes.

                             “Shout! Shout! Shout! Shout at the devil!”

Looks That Kill

So many memories growing up as a teenager, rebelling society with my Crue tee-shirts…and parachute pants. Yes, I was also into Run DMC too. For the rest of the world, that was weird. But I love music and whatever ‘Kickstarts’ my heart works for me. Nowadays you can’t recognize songs because they’re so mixed and mashed up. Whatever happened to the days of vinyl? I still have my “Looks That Kill” 45. On the flip side is “Piece of Your Action” which turned me on to Too Fast for Love. I loved that album so much I painted the cover on the back of my jean jacket of a man grabbing his crotch. Looking back it was somewhat startling for my very white-picked fence oriented small town in Armonk, NY. IBM would not approve.

On With the Show

Drum Solo

A buxom female ringmaster dressed in black and red introduces Tommy Lee as the man ‘every single man wants to be.’ Tommy, sitting in his drum set, loops in a giant circle upside down and all around. Then as “Rollercoaster” comes on by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, a fan gets on stage and rides the contraption with Tommy. Very cool!

Drum roll please

Home Sweet Home

There have been rumors that this could be the end. But then during the show the band hinted at coming back.

Hard Rock Hotel elevator

Come on and Dance!

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