Samples from Accelerated Course at AWAI

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A Star is Born Movie Review

This is a sample movie review that is in Ross' opinion. 

Versailles Cuban Restaurant

How does Garlic Chicken with Plantains sound? Mouth-watering, right? This is a sample sales letter enticing food lovers to resolve their hunger for Cuban food. 

Puptastic Naturals Sales Page

This is sample sales letter page for a 'fake' healthy doggie treat product.  

Ross edits a TV pilot. Editing itself is rewriting. The editor pieces the story together using script notes and footage. Some scenes may not quite fit the main plot and may have to be deleted just as some paragraphs in a written story or article may veer off topic. Those too may need to be edited out. Ross is a storyteller. He can adapt to various roles and projects.

It's all about story. 

Additional Samples

Video Script Writing sample

Ross borrowed the trailer for "Away" on Netflix and put it into video script format. There is some dialogue, but Ross took the creative path of adding a narrator simply to display his knowledge of script writing. You can watch the trailer to get a better idea. 

Social Media Film Festival Press Release

(published to various local and national press)


In 2012, Ross H. Martin was the founder and festival director of Social Media Film Festival which occurred at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ross wore a retail store's worth of hats from managing film submissions through Without a Box to holding promotional parties and of course writing press releases. 

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