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Sean Kinney

Film Associate, One-Time Business Partner at Fender Bender Films, LLC ("Rubbernecking" feature Film)

I have worked with Ross Martin at many companies on many levels. I have always been impressed with his determination and ability to finish projects. I first met Ross when he was a student film director....and found him to be the only student director to actually give copies of the finished product...This simple act of integrity really impressed me, and epitomizes his work ethic...


Years later I was a business partner with Mr. Martin at Fender Bender Films...I remember walking the streets at the Sundance Film Festival and Mr. Martin would be able to point out all the development executives and tell us where they were from and what they were doing, all from reading the Hollywood Reporter the month before and memorizing the pictures...


He is a wonderful storyteller, and at the basis of his film career, this is his driving skill...I have owned a business with him, and have seen him shine on set managing a crew of forty-five people, all while multi- tasking the duties of Directing. Having seen this talent and been business partners with him, I am amazed he is not more sought after. To have the ability to focus an entire staff and project through a story driven agenda is rare in the entertainment industry. He is truly at his best when he is guiding a project and not having to micro-manage remedial tasks. Most people crumble when they have to juggle fifty things, Ross wakes up...


The best use for a talent like his is to have a vision for a project that is story heavy, such as a documentary or dialogue driven feature, and let him build a story and production around the idea. I would highly recommend Mr. Martin for any projects or jobs in which his talent is needed. His dry sense of humor while in tight deadlines and situations is refreshing, and his sense of family values and hopeful future permeate his writing. I think that is the best gauge of his overall demeanor.

Yolanda Arteaga

Event Coordinator for Social Media Film Festival

Ross hired me for his first year of the Social Media Film Festival. I was very impressed at how well organized he was. Ross is a great communicator and made sure everyone was on task throughout the planning of the event. I clearly knew his expectations and was happy to work with him. He did an awesome job of making sure his sponsors were well presented on website, publications and press releases. He did an amazing job of choosing the right films for this festival and making sure they were well presented. I look forward to working with him on any future projects and highly recommend him.

Moniqa Paullet

Co-Teacher at Poly School in South Korea

(Teaching English as a Second Language) 

Ross' perseverance and positive attitude in the face of adversity have never ceased to amaze me. His first night in Korea he had no way of communicating with anyone to get from the airport safely to his new office, but he arrived eager to meet everyone despite some 20 hours of travel, including adventures with a lost cab driver.


Starting a new job in a new culture halfway across the globe is a daunting task for even the most daring people, but Ross took to it with an enthusiasm to learn everything about teaching and Korea and shared his experiences through film and blog writing. Because the school was short-staffed until his arrival, Ross was put at the front of the classroom after a very brief training period and engaged students through creative lessons and exercises.


In a fast-paced environment with mounds of lesson- planning and harsh grading and evaluation deadlines, Ross rolled with the punches, always kept his head up and worked hard to meet and surpass the principal's expectations.

He always gave his best at Poly School, and I'm glad to have worked with him. I am confident in Ross' ability to excel in a demanding work environment with high standards and to enjoy every minute of it.

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